B.Sc Training Institute In Shivaji Nagar


BSC Training Institute In Shivaji Nagar

The B.Sc.(Computer Science ) course is three year degree program under the faculty of Science and techology. The aim of this course is to prepare students employable in IT industries. The syllabus is designed with subjects of (Mathmatics, Electronics and Statistics) which gives the very basic knowledge of computing sciences and develops the problem solving skills of students .

  • In the first year of B.Sc.(Computer Science ) the basic foundations of two important skills for software developments are expected by students. A course problem solving and programming along with course in database makes strong foundation for solving computational problems. In the first year sujetcs like Mathematics, Statistics and electronics help students in problem solving skills
  • In the second year of B.Sc.(Computer Science), software engineering concepts that are required for various projects design jobs. Data structures is the very important subjets to develops computational problem solving skills. Required knowledge of computer networking are also introduced in this current year. The pratical course along with the theory subjects in both semesters complements the courses.
  • In the third year of B.Sc.(Computer Science), entire subjects are designed to fullfil core computer science requiremts with the needs of the IT industry . Students are made smart and employable in IT industry.